What is stock market and how to buy share in stock market

If we say literally, the stock market is a place to buy and sell stake in a listed company. There are two major stock exchanges in India namely Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). However, bonds, mutual funds and derivatives are also traded in the stock market.

What is stock market

There are many ways to earn money in the world, some people earn money by doing jobs, some people earn money by doing business and there are some people who earn a lot of money by putting their money at stake. But at which place do these people gamble their money, which is the place where people get profit even after gambling their money? That place is the share market. Everyone must have heard about Share Bazar, but not everyone has the knowledge of what happens there.

Stock Market is a market where shares of many companies are bought and sold. This is a place where some people either earn a lot of money or lose all their money. Buying a share of a company means becoming a shareholder in that company. According to the amount of money you invest, you become the owner of some percentage of that company.

Which means that if that company will make profit in the future, then you will get double the amount of money you have invested and if there is a loss, then you will not get a single penny, that means you will suffer a complete loss. Just as it is easy to make money in the Share market, in the same way it is equally easy to lose money here because there are ups and downs in the stock market.

There are two main stock exchanges in India, that is Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and National stock exchange (NSE), these shares are bought and sold. These brokers are the members of the stock exchange, we can do trading in the stock exchange only through them. We cannot buy or sell any share by going directly to the stock market. If you also want to earn a lot of money from the share market, then definitely try to get complete information about it. By investing in it without knowing, you may have to pay a huge price. So don’t take any decision in haste and act wisely.

How to buy share in stock market

Before buying shares in the Stock Market, first gain experience in this line that how and when to invest here. And in which company will you invest your money, only then you will get profit. Find out all these things, gather knowledge and only then go and invest in the share market. To find out which company’s share has increased or fallen in the Share market, you can read newspapers like economic times or you can also watch NDTV Business news channel from where you will get complete information about Share Market.

This place is very risky, so you should invest here only when your financial condition is good so that when you have a loss, you will not be affected much by that loss. Either you can also do this that in the beginning you invest a little money in the Share Market so that you do not get much shock going forward. As your knowledge and experience in this field increases, you can gradually increase your investment.

Before investing in the share market, you must take more information about this market, otherwise there are many frauds in this market. Many times it happens that some companies are fraud and if you invest your money by buying the shares of that company, then such company runs away with everyone’s money. And then all the money you have invested is lost. Therefore, before buying the shares of any company, check its background details thoroughly.

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